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Indie food bike tour!

February 25, 2011

On Tuesday 8th March I’m planning a little tour of some of Birmingham’s best independent food shops, by bicycle. Together with Jon Hickman and Brian Homer, we’re going to be launching a website that will help to showcase some of the best food and drink shops in Birmingham. The plan is to use the 8th March to do as much of the initial documenting as possible, so we’ll be photographing, tweeting, blogging, filming, and  geotagging our way along the route. We’re meeting in the centre early doors, starting with a strong coffee and seeing what we can find in the city. Then Jon and Brian are hopping on buses, and I’m setting out southwards on my bike. The plan is to gather some awesome ingredients during the day that showcase some of the great foods on offer in Birmingham, and then, when we’re all shopped out, those remaining will head back to mine for a bit of a cook-up to see what we can muster from all the great produce. If you’d like to join me on the bike tour for all or part of it, you’re more than welcome, especially if you want to contribute to the blogging, filming, photographing, and tweeting etc… Just send me a tweet @loafonline or email me: tom [at]

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