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End of week one

February 28, 2011

So at the end of each week I’m planning to do a brief review of how much I’ve spent (both time and money) on buying my food for the house, and any thoughts that have cropped up that week. Every month I’ll try and do a monthly review too, as there’s a couple of things I pay for monthly – Food co-op order and milk delivery springs to mind. Meals out are not included in the cost.

Week one (to feed two adults)

Money – £57.84 on food and alcohol for the week.

Time – Just over an hour shopping time this week.

Thoughts – We ate out one evening, but had friends over one evening too, so they probably cancel each other out. Having stuff delivered really helps save time. I spent more than I thought , and that doesn’t even include this week’s contribution to the monthly food co-op and milk delivery bills (probably another £20), but we did have a couple of bottles of wine and a few beers included in that amount, so it’s probably not all that bad. Breakfast has been fun. The mango was unusable-y brown, had to compost it. Wine is going to be interesting – Stirchley wines have a few good bottles, but the range in supermarkets is much bigger.

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