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End of week eight

May 24, 2011

Not an awful lot to say about that week, but we spent:

Money – £46.03

Time – about 25 minutes

Lots of bills coming next week…!


ASDA coming to Stirchley too?!?

May 13, 2011

ASDA want to tell you about their plans for a store in Stirchley. If you want to hear it or give them a piece of your mind, deets are below 😉

End of week seven

May 13, 2011

Apologies for the brief hiatus on the blog, we took 3 weeks off blogging due to a holiday in Morocco, i’ll try and put some food pics up on here soon from the trip. Meanwhile this is what we spent last week, our first full week back in blighty.

Money – £34.73
Time – about 15 minutes spent shopping

Had to visit supermarket for a couple of Loaf purchases unfortunately – had run out of risotto rice from our last food coop order and local shops didn’t have any creme fraiche. As this isn’t a personal purchase I’m still claiming a 100% record…

End of week six

April 5, 2011

Bought very little this week, had lots leftover from previos weeks excesses! Here’s what we spent:

Money – £46.05
Time – about 30 minutes spent shopping

Average weekly spend per person so far: £34.12 (£68.24 combined)

End of week five

March 29, 2011

Slightly above average spend this week I think, here’s what I spent:

Money spent: £78.50
Time spent: around 40 minutes

Thoughts – made two puds this week (one of them another Dan Lepard recipe!) which I rarely do; had friends for dinner two nights this week and didn’t eat out; I’m definitely getting more aware of what I do and don’t have in the cupboards/fridge, so am getting better with incidental shopping when I’m out and about and therefore a bit more time efficient.

Average spend per week so far: £72.68 (£36.34 per person)

End of week four

March 21, 2011

So first four weeks done, and only one visit to a supermarket for some coffee (a Loaf purchase, so ‘officially’ I’m still supermarket-free!). Here’s what I spent this week:

Money spent – £116.87

Time shopping – about 1 hour and 15 minutes

Thoughts – this weeks bill included lots of booze (£35ish), ingredients for a Dan Lepard recipe (!!), and our monthly Dairy Crest bill (milk, fruit juice and butter delivered, £37.60). I’m getting to know which shops are good for what, and getting a bit better at planning ahead now.

Indie Food bike tour photos and videos

March 16, 2011

These will all be going up onto a dedicated independent food website for Birmingham soon, along with the content gathered by Chris, Brian, and Jon on the day, but here’s a few snaps and videos that I captured last Tuesday.

Here’s my brief video introduction to the day:

Our starting coffee at 6/8 Kafe, Temple Row:

Tea at Anderson & Hill in the Great Western Arcade:

Simon Dunmore tells us about his shop, The Grocer at Edgbaston:

Next stop, Al Barakah Lebanese bakery, Mary St, Balsall Heath:

Also on Mary St, there’s dozens of Asian grocers like these all over Brum, surely collectively the most significant indie food ‘scene’ in Birmingham:

After a couple more stops, this is what I arrived home with: